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    SANTA BARBARA, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 2, 2013) – Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, has announced the availability of a complete integrated development environment for Ada users, who are targeting systems based on ARM® processors. AdaMULTI™ development environment for ARM has been created in response to increasing demand for ARM devices in embedded applications due to their excellent power/performance ratios and relative cost effectiveness.

    The Ada programming language is typically used on projects that have real-time constraints, are developed by sizeable teams and require longevity of support. It is widely adopted in the defense sector and in security applications, such as access control. With the increasing requirement to extend the operating life of battery-powered equipment used on missions or remotely deployed in the field, ARM-based processors are being selected because of their ability to deliver the necessary performance with a reduced power budget.

    Green Hills Software’s customers can rehost their existing Ada95 based applications with the new compilation environment. Additionally, some new features that have recently been added to the language are also included in the new release.

    AdaMULTI for ARM is a fully integrated development environment that contains all the tools needed to complete a major programming project. These include: launcher, project manager, editor, source-level debugger, EventAnalyzer™, run-time error checking, code coverage analysis,TimeMachine™ tools suite, performance profiler and graphical browser. AdaMULTI development environment components are aware of each other and communicate among themselves, making the whole much greater than the sum of its parts. It runs on Windows, Solaris and Linux hosts and supports remote debugging for a variety of target environments, including with the Green Hills Probe and SuperTrace™ Probe for hardware debug and trace.

    The AdaMULTI environment can also be used with Green Hills Software’s optimizing C/C++ compilers and other compilers that adhere to ARM Procedure Call and EABI standards. It supports a wide variety of real-time operating systems (RTOS), including Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® RTOS, third party and internally developed RTOSes. Because the AdaMULTI environment is fully RTOS-aware, designers can debug and tune their applications at the task level. It is particularly well suited to debugging multi-tasking programs and systems that employ multiple processors and cores.

    Green Hills Software’s AdaMULTI development environment for ARM is available now for ARM processors including Cortex™-A and Cortex-R series and ARM7TDMI®.

    About Green Hills Software
    Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178B RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership comprised of NSA and NIST) to EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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  • CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has denied allegations that the government says it gave the United States (U.S.) direct access to a number of Microsoft products, including SkyDrive, Outlook.com, Skype, for the U.S. government (U.S.).

    Reported by Read Write, Tuesday (16/07/2013), the software giant’s rebuttal to respond to a report in The Guardian, which has channeled suspect Skype user data into the monitoring program PRISM National Security Agency (NSA) since 2011.

    Microsoft confirmed the company has clear principles in responding to government demands for user information related to law enforcement and national security issues. Perusahana consumers insist only provide data in response to legal process and only permitaan adhere to certain accounts or identification.

    “We appreciate our commitment to the user and in accordance with applicable law very seriously, so we provide only to respond to consumer data due process. To be clear, Microsoft does not give the government direct access to SkyDrive, Outlook.com, Skype, or Microsoft products the other, “explains Microsoft.

    In the end, Microsoft said, when companies update product liability law, may in some circumstances have to retain the ability to provide information in response to requests by law enforcement or national security.

    “That’s why, we argue that additional transparency will help everyone understand and debate the important issues,” said Microsoft.

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    Having announced a few days ago, 7 of the Google Nexus tablet could have ordered via the Play Store. Opening the pre-order was first announced via Twitter. Google Play Store opened bookings for the new Nexus 7 16GB and 32GB. Both are offered at a price of USD 229 and USD 269.
    Almost simultaneously with the opening of pre-orders, it also gives Google Nexus 7, this new software update. There are 2 updates are given, with the first update will be automatically downloaded to the tablet when connected to the Internet for the first time during initial setup.
    As for the second update will be downloaded automatically when the tablet is used several times. The update notification will appear when it’s finished downloading and is ready to be installed. So make sure that the type of connection used unlimited when activating new Nexus 7 so as not to run out of quota.

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  • January 5, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Software

    Two editions ago we have discussed how to access Ubuntu from Windows 8. The technique does not necessarily mean that you can access the folder dibagipakaikan Windows 8 on Linux. Well, that ye may be able to access the folders of Windows 8, you should try this tutorial.

    Step 1:
    Configuration Workgroup Computers in the same




    1. Make the same Workgroup. Go to the Start screen, type “System”, click Settings, and then click the System icon on the left side. Click the “Change Settings” on computers using the Windows 8 operating system.





    2. In the System Properties window go to the Computer Name tab and see the workgroup name there. Comparing with the existing workgroup name information in Linux. If the same, you can jump straight to step 4. If different, follow the first 3 steps.





    3. Click the “Change” is in the Computer Name tab. After that, in the Computer Name Changes window, click the Workgroup menu in the box if the Member in the column below, the contents of the same name with a Linux workgroup. Press “OK” to save changes. When prompted, restart the PC in order to connect with the new workgroup.



    Step 2:
    Configuring Windows PC to be shared
    T04-435-Windows8-gb20Bagipakaikan files as usual. Start Windows Explorer, and browse the folder name you want dibagipakaikan. Right-click the folder, select “Share with> Homegroup (view)” to provide read-only access or “Share with> Homegroup (view and edit)” to provide read and write access.


    Step 3:

    Access Folders from Linux
    In this example we will use Ubuntu as an example. To access the folder via the Ubuntu dibagipakaikan, there are two ways that can be used. You can access the network via a network connection directly to the browser or Windows PC. This she steps details.

    Option A: Access via the Network Browser




    1. Click the Places menu> Network on your desktop.







    2. When Network File Browser window appears, double-click the Windows Network icon on the list.






    3. List of networks will appear next computer operating system Windows detected by Linux. Double-click the line with the name of the workgroup that you created in step 1.


    4. Finally, double-click the name of your computer operating system Windows 8. Earlier dibagipakaikan folder will appear and can be accessed as usual.


    Option B: Direct Connection to Windows




    1. From the desktop, click the “Places> Connect to Server”.







    2. Will munncul Connect to server window on the screen. You are asked to fill in a few questions about the membagipakaikan file server.






    3. To get the right information, turn to your Windows PC. After that, right-click the folder that dibagipakaikan, click “Properties” and click the “Sharing” tab. Record the name of the folder sharing and its Network Path.





    4. Now, turning back to Linux. Enter the following information in the Connect to Server window:
    • Service type: Windows share;
    • Server: WINDOWS-PC (filled with computer name);
    • Share: / Users / name / Desktop (the path of the folder in bagipakaikan. Signs backslash (\) is replaced with a slash (/));
    • Folder: shared (folder name dibagipakaikan).


    5. Give a check mark in front of the option “Add Bookmark” and give the Bookmark name to any name that allows you to remember the name of the folder and file locations dibagipakaikan.



    6. Click “Connect”. Window that contains folders dibagipakaikan in Windows 8 will appear automatically. At other times, you’ll be able to access the same folder quickly by simply clicking on the Places menu bookmarking it.

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  • DataCore Software Builds on Software-Defined Storage Momentum and Names Paul Murphy as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing

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    January 3, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Software

    DataCore Software, the premier provider of storage virtualization software, today announced the appointment of Paul Murphy as the vice president of worldwide marketing. Murphy will oversee DataCore’s demand generation, inside sales and strategic marketing efforts needed to expand and accelerate the company’s growth and presence in the storage and virtualization sectors.  He brings to DataCore a proven track-record and a deep understanding of virtualization, storage technologies and the pivotal forces impacting customers in today’s ‘software-defined’ world. Murphy will drive the company’s marketing organization and programs to fuel sales for DataCore’s acclaimed storage virtualization software solution, SANsymphony™- V.

    “Our software solutions have been successfully deployed at thousands of sites around the world and now our priority is to reach out to a broader range of organizations that don’t yet realize the economic and productivity benefits they can achieve through the adoption of storage virtualization and SANsymphony-V,” said DataCore Software’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve Houck. “Murphy brings to the company a fresh strategic marketing perspective, the ability to simplify our messaging, new ways to energize our outbound marketing activities and the drive to expand our visibility and brand recognition around the world.”

    With nearly 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Murphy possesses a diverse range of skills in areas including engineering, services, sales and marketing, which will be instrumental in overseeing DataCore’s marketing activities around the globe. He was previously Director Americas SMB Sales and Worldwide Channel Development Manager at VMware, where he developed go-to-market strategies and oversaw both direct and inside channel sales teams in both domestic and international markets.

    Prior to that, Murphy was senior product marketing manager at NetApp, focusing on backup and recovery solutions and their Virtual Tape Library product line. In this role, Murphy led business development activities, sales training, compensation programs and joint-marketing campaigns. An excellent communicator, he has been a keynote speaker at numerous industry events, trade shows, end-user seminars, sales training events, partner/reseller events and webcasts. Before moving into sales and marketing, Murphy had a successful career in engineering.

    “The timing is perfect. DataCore has just updated its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization platform and it is well positioned to take advantage of the paradigm shift and acceptance of software-defined storage infrastructures,” said Murphy. “After doing the market research and getting feedback from numerous customers, it is clear to me that there is a large degree of pent-up customer demand. Needless to say, I’m eager to spread the word on DataCore’s value proposition and make a difference in this exciting and critical role.”

    About DataCore Software

    DataCore Software develops storage virtualization software leveraged in virtual and physical IT environments to obtain high availability, fast performance and maximum utilization from storage. DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor is a comprehensive, yet hardware-independent solution which fundamentally changes the economics of provisioning, replicating and protecting storage for large enterprises and small to midsize businesses. For additional information, visit the DataCore website at or call (877) 780-5111.

    DataCore, the DataCore logo and SANsymphony are trademarks or registered trademarks of DataCore Software Corporation. Other DataCore product or service names or logos referenced herein are trademarks of DataCore Software Corporation. All other products, services and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    Exactly How IT Provider Can Profit Services

    Information Technology Solution Monitoring would certainly be the tasks which are performed by a venture to strategy, style, release, take care of and regulate information technologies offered to clients. While doing so, this would certainly help the customers in a variety of means, including saving expenses, staying clear of duplication of efforts and speeding up choice making processes. Different IT service monitoring features depend upon each various other. For instance, before you can carry out any of these tasks, there need to be a need for evaluation and also analysis of the present situation. Nevertheless, these activities can not be accomplished if you do not have the needed knowledge or info. IT Solution Administration is the single most important facet of an enterprise info system. Without appropriate IT solution administration, it would be hard for enterprises to maintain their systems approximately date as well as to make the most of brand-new modern technologies and also technologies. This service provider plays a crucial function in maintaining a company’s IT systems safeguard. Moreover, it additionally assists organizations manage their confidential information and information. The goals of a company are as a result two fold: initially, it aids businesses in managing their details and also confidential information appropriately; and 2nd, it aids organizations take advantage of any kind of new modern technologies or innovations. IT Service Management includes the use of various software programs that aid businesses monitor their equipment. This consists of equipment such as servers, laptops, desktop, and also various other tools. Hardware maintenance is vital for every single business to prevent any loss of secret information or information. A service provider therefore keeps an eye on a number of aspects that require interest. These consist of security of servers, laptop computers, desktop, network interfaces and also other hardware components. It is essential to note that IT solutions normally include network upkeep and upgrades. It is likewise required to update the os often. One of the most current operating systems that enter the marketplace are developed to aid data centres run extra effectively. This suggests that a company’s IT framework is able to process more infotech data at once, and also thus boost its capability to provide customers with enhanced services. One aspect that lots of people often tend to ignore is IT framework costs. For instance, an organisation’s information storage space needs can set you back a fair bit, even if it just needs very little backup treatments. Consequently, a good provider will make sure that it maximises its functional as well as resources budget plan regarding possible. In addition, one of the most reliable IT infrastructures are able to lower the expense of running a certain office. For instance, a carrier that handles its data storage space effectively can make cost savings of around 40%. IT solutions have the prospective to profit companies in a variety of means. Specifically, they are designed to permit organizations to boost their on-line functionality, as well as to give end-user solutions that guarantee their data is kept safe as well as safe. In order for IT managers to recognize all the advantages of a network facilities monitoring strategy, they need to make use of a service provider that has a proven record of supplying a variety of such services, and also has actually had success in taking care of organizations throughout the UK.

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    A Simple Plan For Researching

  • Short Course on – Covering The Basics

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    The Best Ways to Reduce on Flood Insurance Cost

    With the deteriorating economy, one would want to save on money whenever they can. Since there is very little money today, you would want to come up with a working budget. In the same way, people would want to save on some insurance money, taking that it is very expensive. Even though you may not see it as a risk, it is possible for a drop of water to destroy expensive equipment. You would then be required to make replacements using your own funds.

    The amount of money that someone is required to spend on insurance depends on where they are located. Even if you are on those areas where more money is charged by the insurance company for coverage, there are ways that would help you save on money. You should take the initiative to ensure that your property is covered by the insurance. Flood does not come in form of hurricanes only, as it is possible for the municipal water lines to break, and since the water may be under pressure, it may find its way into your house and damage your property.

    You should therefore begin the money saving process by finding the best flood insurance. The importance of flood insurance is that it is provided with many agencies. In this case, consider the different types of insurance available and compare their quotes. By making the comparison, you are able to find the one that provides the required coverage at a fair price. You should also compare the insurance quotes provided by both private and public insurance companies.

    You would also want to take some time off to find an agent whom you would have a chat about flood insurance. You are exposing yourself to financial risks when you shop for the insurance blindly. To ensure that you are fully equipped, hiring an agent who is fully specialized in flood is the greatest move that someone would make. It is also possible for the to suggest what you would do to secure a discount, which further reduces the amount of money you are to spend in the process.

    It is also important for someone to get a letter of map amendment. LOMA is a document that is capable of making changes when it comes to flood zones. Since these documents are capable of taking you from the high risk zones to the low risk zones, you will spend little money for your insurance. A LOMA also provides with the advantage of dropping the mandatory insurance.
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  • Doing The Right Way

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    The Critical Motorists of the Real Estate Market

    Real estate investing is one of the most lucrative services today. It entails the acquiring, selling as well as leasing of homes, and its underlying possessions consisting of the frameworks on it, as well as its all-natural possessions like water, crops or woodlands; unmovable realty of this kind; or a home mortgage to an immovable piece of property. Real estate investments vary according to individual needs, budget plan, area and also other variables. This service venture has actually ended up being an around the world sensation as a result of the quick development of money and innovation. A regular investor will certainly go into an offer concentrating on either acquiring or renting business or office buildings or houses. The major areas where realty bargains are common consist of the following: office residential properties; industrial structures substantial properties; property residences; farming land; enhancements to existing residences, and so on. As stated earlier, property markets are commonly spread throughout the globe. As an example: if you want to purchase New York City real estate, then you can check out properties in the Realm State Building, or in Las Vegas, Nevada; or if you wish to purchase a ranch in Vermont, you can look into buildings in the Environment-friendly Hill National Park, or in Wisconsin, or New Hampshire. In instance you want investing in realty without involving yourself in the finances, you can also go on as well as take care of the various documents involved in buying or renting buildings. You require to have a legal representative or a realty attorney to take care of your legalities. The regulations governing the purchase and also sale of a realty building are different in every state. Therefore, you need to have all these documents in front of you while adopting the deal. You can buy real estate by keeping tabs on the current criminal activity rates in the location where you want to spend. When it concerns purchasing or renting property and also commercial homes, you can classify real estate as property, commercial, commercial, and vacant land. Out of the 5 primary categories, the very first three are the most preferred. Residential properties mainly consist of houses as well as apartments, condominiums, condominiums, as well as mobile homes. Industrial property includes office buildings, stockrooms, as well as stores. Industrial realty is used for commercial purposes such as farming, forestry, boring, and oil-exploration. Uninhabited land suggests that there is no use for the land. This classification of property sector is a vital vehicle driver of the nationwide economic climate. As an example: if there are no houses to build, there will be no one to lease them out, or nobody to acquire them. Vacant land makes certain financial development by way of residential property rentals as well as sales. Real estate starts is one more important motorist of the nationwide economic climate as well as is carefully related to the realty sector. There are several aspects that impact the property market including supply and demand, funding, land, and also populace development and also aging. Although the economy is still growing, there are many individuals who own and lease their homes, and also they contribute to the economy. The housing starts classification is accountable for many individuals’s decision to buy a new residence. Lots of people rely upon residential property management services to help them discover the best item of residential or commercial property. Building monitoring companies have helped lots of people have their dream residence, by assisting them find the ideal home, locating the ideal funding, maintaining the home, as well as more.

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    The Art of Mastering

  • The Art of Mastering

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    December 24, 2020 /  Software

    Hiring Electrical HVAC Repair Services

    The work of an electrician is to set up and renovate the wiring system in the apartments and commercial joints. The wiring system in the home’s functions by given the appropriate wiring in the business points. Effecting on the considerable project requires that you establish the correct relationships in the business points. Employing and electrician will start from the internet based search. Employ the lighting services from the firm that comes on the two files. The electricians assure that they give the correct lighting installation on the project. The following are some of the aspects that must be considered when hiring the repair services.

    One of the factors is to assure that the electrician has the right qualifications. Numerous electricians have a degree from the known institutions. A number of them will advance their education by the short courses. Electricians who are qualified will assure that the practical skills are offered to the experts. There is a need to do an analysis of the certificates the electrician owns. You will assure that you have the right information related to the business. The numerous employees who will effect on the project should assure that they own the right credentials.

    The right connection demands the electrician who is appropriately informed. It is impotent to ensure that the electrician has the accurate information on the latest lighting system. The electrician should be updated on the latest details on the cost to set up in the office. The electrician should have a license. This is a guarantee that in case of a poorly done project, then it is simple to report the situation. An electrician has the correct information about the process of success in the firm. It is essential to choose the electrician who has an insurance. The business should own the right insurance policy for the workers. The worker’s fitness is guarded in the instances of an accident. Numerous vulnerabilities are related to electricity. The electrician should show the indication of the insurance cover.

    When employing an electrician, choose one who specializes in the area. For example, employ the electricians who have skills in setting up of the dynamic lighting system in residence. The electrician will oversee the power installation of the system in residence. Hire the services from the recognized firm. If possible, begin from getting the recommendations from the close friends and family. The experts will make sure that the correct services are accorded. The best business overseas that the effective services for the project are assured. Numerous organizations will provide a warranty duration for the services. It is simple to demand the money back if the project is not worked on effectively. Assure that you settle on the correct electricians who will give the useful services in the firm.

    The Art of Mastering

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  • Sisco will buy software maker Sourcefire

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    December 22, 2020 /  Computer Technology, Software

    Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Sisco System said it will buy software company Sourcefire Inc. for about $ 2.7 billion to improve the network security services.

    Sisco will pay 76 dollars for each share of Sourcefire, 28.6 percent higher than the closing market price premium 59.08 dollars Monday, Reuters said in a report on Tuesday.

    The networking equipment company said the deal would likely close the second quarter of 2013 and estimates that there will be a dilution thin on non-GAAP earnings in fiscal year 2014.

    Sisco has been losing market share in network security last year, lower than the more innovative rivals such as Networks Inc., Check Point Software Technologies, and Palo Alto Networks Inc..

    Sisco compete in Web applications, social media and video streaming that require security protection is more complex than traditional firewalls.

    RBC Capital Markets analyst Robert Breza said the deal would eliminate a key competitor in the market for Check Point, Fortinet, and Palo Alto, but also strengthen the position of Sisco in the industry.

    It would also create a major competitor in the network security industry, he said, adding that Sourcefire will bring the technology of real-time network awareness (RNA) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) to Sisco.

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